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Surrounding 104 Myrtle J Drive are both lovely and convenient places to be. Even though Hurdle Mills is a small town, its location is in the perfect place if you work in one of the following bigger surrounding city's, or just want something to do. It's laid back style is the perfect location for low taxes, low/no crime, easy living areas around the triangle. The following are a few places and travel times of the surrounding city's of Hurdle Mills. 

104 Myrtle J Drive

Here is map of the house's  location. Across the road from house 104, is the Rock of Ages Winery. Within a few miles, are both the Bushy Fork Ball Park and the Hurdle Mills Ball Park - which consist of baseball fields, play grounds, and walking tracks, as well as a basket ball court. several nearby stores for grocery items, butcher shop,gas etc 


Hurdle Mills Market, Cafe  & Fire Station


Approximately 2.5 miles away from 104 Myrtle J Drive you will find the lovely Hurdle Mills Market, Cafe, Fire Station, and Post Office. The Hurdle Mills Market has fresh meat and produce, taking care of your quick food necessities. Also, treat yourself to the lovely Hurdle Mills Flat River Cafe, with some good southern diner cook'n. To learn more about the Hurdle Mills Market/Cafe, please click the picture to take you to their website. Across the road from the Market/Cafe, is the Hurdle Mills Post Office and the Fire/EMS Department - so you can rest assured on the quickness of their arrival if their assistance is necessary. 

Hyco Lake


Hyco Lake is approximately 18 miles (25 minutes) away from house 104. If you want a quick relaxing or fun day during the summer, Hyco Lake is the place to go. Fishing, swimming, camping, and more – Hyco Lake is a nice for a day getaway.  To learn more about Hyco Lake, please click the picuture to take you to the Hyco Lake magazine site. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 1.56.27 AM.png



The city of Roxboro is 12 miles (16 minutes) away from house 104. Though not a big city, Roxboro has all the city needs and wants, such as: a variety of fast-food and restaurant selections, library, parks, schools, banks, shops, groceries, and more. Roxboro also has a community theater, if you are interested in joining or just simply watching a musical play. 



The city of Durham is approximately 19  miles away from house 104.

Durham has all your comfortable city conveniences and sites; from Research Triangle Park to the Duke Hospital, Duke University, VA Hospital, and Durham Bulls Stadium - All locations are within a 20-40 min drive - very convenient! 

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is roughly 25 miles (43 minutes) away from house 104. However, house 104 is around 29 miles away from the lovely University of North Carolina. A few places to visit in Chapel Hill are the North Carolina Botanical Garden, Down Town Chapel Hill, The Dean Smith Center, and some lovely museums. 


Hillsborough is around 16 miles (23 minutes) away from house 104. With a number of historical sites, museums, and parks to visit, Hillsborough is a nice place to be near. 


Greensboro (Gate City) is approximately 50 miles (1 hour) away from house 104. Though the distance may be far, it's worth the drive. Greensboro is a busy city with plenty to do. With beautiful and well known parks, and museums, like The Greensboro Science Center - Greensboro has lots to explore. 


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